7 Signs That Your Boo Is Actually Wasting Your Time

5 signs that your boo is wasting your time

These are confirmed seven ways to know someone who is only out to waste your time.

You may have wondered at some point of your present relationship if you are doing the right thing or if you are just wasting your time.

The whole relationship/dating game is one of risk. You intentionally and carefully give yourself into it, hoping for the best, hoping that the other person is just as invested and passionate about the you and the relationship,  hoping that they are stoked about spending the rest of their life with you, just as you are about doing so with them.

Sadly though, there are fake affections out there and these are five ways to know someone who is only wasting your time.

1. You are not the only one

They swear they are mentally done with the other person and that it is just for some complicated reason that they are still physically with them.

They ask for a little time to sort things out so they can commit to you fully but guess what, it’s been 7 months now and nothing has changed.

You’re basically Angela Valdez and he is James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick. He won’t leave Tasha for you but he still holds on. [Followers of the Starz’ series “Power” will get this]

Women are capable of this stunt, too.

2. No progress

Relationships are all about growth. If your relationship is not reaching new levels in every aspect, commitment especially, then why are you in it?

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3. He or she lies a lot

Anyone that’s regularly caught in a web of lies cannot be the one for you.

And that’s because you never really know who you’re dating when you date a liar, and that should scare the pants off you.

If your current partner is constantly lying to you no matter how minor or major the issue, they are the one.

4. Incompatible goals and values

Compatibility is key in any relationship. You can always tell what a person values and what they place premium on. Do not waste any more of your time if you find out that you are on absolutely different pages when it comes to the most important things.

It’s important that you list out just what you want out of a relationship and make sure your goals align with his or hers. Understanding early on that the two of you aren’t on the same page can save you both time and unnecessary heartache.

5. Crap communication always

If you’re constantly explaining yourself and your feelings, reminding them of the same things over and over again and it seems they couldn’t care less, you’re probably wasting your time.

 6. He talks about other girls

You guys are together, but he still mentions every girl that hits on him and who he thinks is hot at work. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going anywhere, but he isn’t entirely focused on making you feel like the only girl in the world either.

 7. You have’t met his family.

Sometimes it takes time for a guy to introduce you to his family (as it should), but if you notice that he never seems to mention you when his mom calls, he might not be taking things as seriously as you think.

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