9 Types Of Graduating Students Found In Nigerian Higher Institutions

9 Types Of Graduating Students Found In Nigerian Higher InstitutionsGraduating students have plans after graduation and here are nine types of students you’ll see in Nigeria based on their post-graduation plans.

After spending some years in a higher institution, graduating into the real world is expected to be very exciting.

This excitement is exactly what we see when Nigerian students finish writing their final papers.

You’ll see students celebrating their graduation with eggs and water throwing craze, it is a kind of traditional festival themed parties.

It is always crazy fun.

Meanwhile, as graduating students celebrate the completion of the first degree with so much fun, each of them has different post-graduate plans.

Ask them what next after graduation and hear them tell you their plans.

So, based on these plans, these are the nine different types of graduating students you’ll find in Nigerian higher institutions.
The ones who are NYSC crazy

These ones just want to finish the final paper and start the one year compulsory youth service. They’ve heard so much about the three week orientation programs and they can’t wait to wear their own Kopa’s Khaki and catch the fun at the famous mami market.

The ones who just want to get married

From lecture room to the other room, these graduating students are only waiting to write their final paper and get married. They are not crazy about NYSC, because the only thing on their mind is their marriage plan. NYSC might come later but marriage is the first on their list.

The ones who want to go abroad

Based on the belief that it is easy to get rich abroad, all the noise about going for NYSC and looking for job does not concern these ones. They just want to leave this Nigeria for another country, even if it’s Benin Republic.

The ones who can’t wait to start masters program

These ones think starting their master program immediately after NYSC will give them an edge when they are looking for job, because BSc is not enough to give them their desired job. So, while others return and begin to search for jobs after NYSC, they apply for master’s program. These guys aren’t happy because NYSC is standing on their way.

The ones who are too old to go for NYSC

While all some of you are discussing how exciting it will be to wear NYSC uniform upandan, and raise your hopes with talks about serving in an oil company in the South-South region, you make these graduating students feel marginalised because they are too old to serve their fatherland and therefore have no NYSC plans.

The ones who just wants to start working

These graduating students just want to start working. They probably sponsored their education by themselves and can’t wait to get employed. They do not care about NYSC allawee, because it can not epp their situation.

The ones who have no idea of what to do after graduation.

No future plan. These ones really do not know the next step to take. They only rely on luck, thinking if they get posted to a high-paying company during their one year program, they would be offered employment.

The ones who don’t care about both certificates

Degree and NYSC certificates are part of the criteria for landing a job in Nigeria, but for these graduating student, both certificate do not really matter to them.

These students feel they don’t need the certificate to make money. Such students are probably talents who make money through their gifts and do not really care about the certificate the institution will give them.
The gainfully employed students who only need a degree certificate

These ones are probably combining school and work. They only come to school because they need the certificate to get promotion in their work place and once they finish writing the final papers, they return to work. (Pulse NG, Brainnews Radio)

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