B Job: 7 Amazing MouthAction Tips Everyone Should Know

MouthAction is one of the most pleasurable sex acts ever, with these amazing tips, you can take your MouthAction game to an incredible level.

The point of MouthAction is for pure pleasure, let your partner feel good with your mouth exercise on each other. You probably know how to give MouthAction but tips here and there can take you to expert level especially for ladies who can have clitoral orgasm.
With these amazing tips compiled by Cosmopolitan below, you can turbocharge your MouthAction game.

1. Deepthroat isn’t compulsory

The truth about MouthAction is that you have to pick what you’re good at, if you have gag-reflex then you shouldn’t do it. The most sensitive part of the joystick is the tip, the head, it has a lot of nerve endings, so if you can stimulate that enough then you can give as pleasure as possible. If you cannot deepthroat, don’t do it.

2. He doesn’t have to cum for it to be good

MouthAction sometimes is like an appetiser for sex, so if he doesn’t reach orgasm during MouthAction then it can still be good. The MouthAction can be an avenue to get each other incredibly aroused so that you can proceed to have the penetrative sex.

3. Talk about it

Talking about what you want during sex is important, also during MouthAction. For guys, they always hope for less teeth while some ladies don’t enjoy that much saliva down there. Communication is key, let your partner know what you like and vice versa as well.

4. You can switch off the light

Not everyone can leave their shyness about MouthAction behind, if you don’t feel comfortable about giving head while the light is on, then switch it off. It can be mentally disturbing if it’s bright everywhere, the dark also helps concentrate on the what you’re doing.

5. You don’t have to swallow

Forget what you see in porn movies, nobody has to swallow anyone’s cum. Before you feel so free that you can cum over her face or into her mouth. Speak to her, discuss the item before you take the leap and dump into her mouth. She doesn’t have to swallow your seed.

6. Switch the tactic

While giving her MouthAction, try to switch up the activity, you can lick for a while then suck for a while too, the sucking of the clitoris can increase pleasure, the intensity can be really good.

7. You can use your hands

There is the chance that after a while that you’ve been plunging your tongue everywhere down there, you can take a break with your mouth, and switch to your fingers. Switch between delicate touches and pressured touches, see which one she enjoys, make sure to use lubes while at it.

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