Pulse Blogger: Bloggers day out at Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park

HI-IMPACT PLANET, A Recreational facility tucked in the outskirts of the metropolitan city of Lagos, on the 22nd of September, 2018, played host to bloggers/social media influencers and it was everything and more.

We set off for the park a few minutes past 12pm and arrived less than an hour later without any hitches.


On arrival, the first thing I noted was the standard security procedures carried out at the entrance to the park. I was highly impressed with this. 


As it meant that they put the welfare and safety of their visitors first.

After passing through security, we were taken to a ticketing area where we registered and got our Hi-impact planet branded wrist tags and then we passed through another security point before we finally entered into the playground.


Our first stop was to see the animals at the animatronics section and we were pleasantly shocked when the animals started moving. Our reactions were totally hilarious especially when the Lions roared.

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Afterwards we proceeded to take our first ride which was called “the Enterprise”. We were given the rules and regulations and our bags and mobile devices were taken and kept in a secured place. The Enterprise was a grueling four(4) minutes ride and trust me when I say it was the perfect welcome ride as it gave us an idea of what to expect at the park. We went on several other rides and had maximum fun.

The Amusement Park

Then we proceeded to explore the full park and it was amazing. Hi-Impact planet is the largest amusement park in Nigeria and it sits on a staggering land area of 185,000 square meters. Hi-Impact planet has several facilities including an indoor games area, outdoor games area, Go-kart track, serviced apartments, clinic, food court, lounge, swimming pool and a multipurpose hall with capacity to host over 6000 people. All these facilities are reasonably priced and they even have different price packages that are great for individual, family and group visits.


The bloggers day out at Hi-Impact Planet was an awesome experience as I got to let my hair down and have real fun. I also got to tick off visiting a themed/amusement park from my bucket list. However, I can’t wait to visit the park again as I didn’t get to play most of the indoor games and I’m actually dying to play Candy crush on an actual game console.


If you’re planning to visit the Hi-Impact Planet which I think you actually should, here are four foolproof tips to help you make the best out of your visit.


  1. Plan your activities beforehand: Trust me when I say you will be overwhelmed when you see the array of games and other activities this park has to offer. So before you visit, I’ll advice you stop by their website, see what they offer and plan your activities, this will help you get the most out of your visit.

  2. Wear comfortable clothes: It’s a park guys, not a runway show. So leave the stilettos and instead opt for something more fun and casual like sneakers or strappy sandals and denim or loose fit clothes. The last thing you will want while on an exhilarating ride are clothes that are way too tight for you to actually relax.

  3. Close your eyes: if you know you are claustrophobic or you panic easily. I think it’s best you shut your eyes real tight like I did and instead focus on the wind blowing up your hair and picture yourself on a magical island rather than on a ride suspended in air.

  4. Go with a friend: simply because the more, the merrier.

Written by Gift Collins

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