Different Types of Vagina and How You Can Enjoy Them (Photos)

The vagina is the elastic, muscular part of the female genital tract. In humans, it extends from the vulva to the cervix. The outer vaginal opening is normally partly covered by a membrane called the hymen.

Research on the vagina has proven that all vaginas are not the same. Even though you have had a lot of se*ual partners, you might not have had a taste of all the delicacies out there. Each vagina type has its benefits, so read on to know how to have a good time when you encounter them.

1. The tight vagina:

Some women are naturally tight, no matter how many sex partners they have had. Men that find it difficult to last long in bed will need to be extra careful here, as this vagina is capable of massaging every inch of your dick and literally squeeze the man juice out of you within seconds.

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2. The Loose vagina:

If you are very well endowed and women are uncomfortable having s*x with you, perhaps you need a woman with a loose vagina. This does does not automatically mean she is a slut, by the way, as once again, some things just happen naturally. Big-dicked men will finally feel at home with this woman.

3. The fat lipped vagina:

This is capable of providing extra cushion for your junk. Although, most men find it visually appealing but encounter not much difference during penetration itself. But if you are into giving oral s*x, then this might be the best kind for you.

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4. The bony vagina:

Skinny or petite women are usually this way. It can feel really snug around your d*ck, but some men report that having their sensitive part come in contact with hardness can be offputting.

5. The shaved vagina:

This is the favourite of most porn lovers. It can be pretty hot to see all of it, and it is easier to make your way around. Perfect for men who love kinky s*x and would rather not spend time guessing.

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6. The unshaved vagina:

This vagina belongs to a woman who is proud of her body and has no desire to groom just for s*x. Guys do not really have a problem with it, as it is just one more hurdle towards the promise land. But keep in mind that it could be harder to reach her sensitive areas if it is all covered in hair.

7. The perky-clit vagina:

There is no guessing game when it comes to finding her clitoris as it is always erect and protruding. If you are obsessed with getting your woman to cum, go for this kind. Their orgasms are usually easier to achieve and extremely intense.

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