Here are 5 Things To Know About The Late Social Media Personality Godiamo Who Committed Suicide 

Godiamo commits suicide

The late Gotran Diamo was amongst other things was an entrepreneur who loved life

On September 26, 2018, viral social media personality, Godiamo committed suicide after jumping off the 10th floor of the Brickell City Building, Miami, Florida.

Before he committed suicide, he dropped a suicide note directed at his parents and loved ones before engaging in the tragic act.


While he was popular on Instagram and Snapchat, not much was known about the man born, Gotran Diamo.

His social media pages speak loud without saying much, but here is what Pulse has been able to gather;

1.) He liked traveling and his family


In one of his posts, he posted ‘travel and work’ as his cardinals. While he didn’t post family, it was clear that he was very family oriented as pictures of his mother are plastered over social media.


Asides that, he never misses a moment to share the spotlight with his loved ones, even his partner whom he claims has been there for years and years.

2. He was a cryptocurrency enthusiast


On his Instagram page @godiamo, he can be seen vaunting his crypto links and what they mean.

In a post, he even calls someone a fellow crypto brother.

3.) He’s an Angola native


Diamo is a native of Angola or a Frenchman of Angolan heritage. In a post, he calls Luanda his “Second home.”

His name, Gotran does sound very French and so does his surname, which seems very Francophone country-esque, but isn’t.


Nonetheless, what we do know is that his life made some sense. And Luanda was definitely a part of that.

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4.) He was a PSG and Davido fan


Asides loving the team, he loves his hometown of Paris and never misses a chance to shout and celebrate where he’s from.


In a 2017 post, he hosted Nigerian superstar, Davido who was billed to perform in Paris. Before then, he had always shown Davido love and even gets all the hashtags right.

On several IG posts, he thoroughly exhibited his love for Paris Saint Germain and everything the club stands for. He even owned scarves and regularly attended matches.

5.) He owned JED Business with his friends


One thing we do know though is that he met a lot of celebrities like Neymar Ronaldinho, Davido, Ronaldo De Lima, Didier Drogba and so forth.

Asides that, he’s appeared as delegate and participant at major events and attended the Cannes Film Festival 2017, where he walked the red carpet.


He owned this company with his friends like Patrick Zilli and Alx The Future.

We, however, know that he traveled a lot, and attended different events. He must be an entrepreneur of some kind, working it hard.

6.) He loved Nigeria


In March 2016, he came to Lagos, Nigeria.


By the looks of it, it seems he came for his JED Business.


It seems he also enjoyed every minute of it.

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