Lemon Curd 3.0: Styl Plus, BlackMagic and Yinka Bernie give us a mix of the classic and the contemporary
Lemon Curd 2018

Lemon Curd is a festival of art, fashion, 90s ideals and a collision of Pop Cculture.

The third edition of Lemon Curd has taken place at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island Lagos on Saturday, August 4, 2018.

Titled Lemon Curd 3.0 with the theme “90s Babies Ain’t Babies No More”, the event organized by Lucid Lemons, is annual festival of music, fashion, arts games friendship and food

This year’s edition was hosted by Yinda and Tosan Wilts.


The show started slow at about 6:00, with a mock auction of some supposedly good looking folks.

Surrounded by a celebration of live art, variety of food, virtual games and camaraderie — the basis of the entire gathering, the show exemplified the entire 90s kid ideals.

While diverse ages were represented, it was definitely a 90s kids’ gathering. The entire tone was freshness of youth; contemporary fashion of renegade aesthetics, and daring fashion choices that celebrated the beauty of time.

Upcoming acts who performed were Torrie Wealth, Tej, Alpha, Kazzy Twins, Kare, Dion, Ideal, Psycho YP, Maka — who wowed with her artistry, Fresh L, Yinka Bernie—  with the most complete performance, AYLO, ZAMIR — with the energy, Tomi Thomas — best performance, Mars and Barzini. Damilola Osuneye also did spoken word.


BlackMagic came on to a rousing reception, characteristically playing with a live band and singing in his melodious, baritone vocals.


First, he performed “No Need” and then a crowd favourite, the magical of “Repete” however sent the audience wild before he completed with “Pass You By”.

The headlining acts, Styl Plus, represented solely by Shiffi and Zeal presented a sequenced performance and rolled back the years with a rendition of “Runaway”.

The night was later spiked by a rendition of “Call My Name”, to the joy of the fans who sang along with willing vigour. That was not to match the performance 2005 smash hit, “Imagine That”.


The very demonstration of what they show’s theme, “90s babies ain’t babies no more” came into full swing.

The night closed with a powerful rendition of “Olufunmi”. The engrossed audience barely allowed Zeal and Shiffi sing on their own as they sang passionately. It was the moment they waited for and they savoured every moment of it.

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