Modibbo Adama University of Technology: 1 killed as Muslim, Christian students fight over blasphemy in MAUTECH
1 killed as Muslim, Christian students fight over blasphemy in MAUTECH

The Muslim and Christian students riot was triggered because a Christian student allegedly called prophet Muhammad a rapist.

A 200 level student of the department of Urban and Regional Planning has reportedly died as a result of the violent riot between Muslim and Christian students of the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola.

The riot which started on the evening of Sunday, February 4, 2018 was said to have been triggered by a blasphemous statement a Christian student, Dave Wanjez made on Whatsapp about prophet Muhammad.

The screenshot of the alleged blasphemy made available on social media suggests Wanjez called prophet Muhammad a rapist two weeks ago.


The riot, started when the Muslim students who had expected the school management to take action on the blasphemy felt the authorities were ignoring the issue.

The riot turned violent on Monday, February 5, as lecture rooms, school mosque, and other school properties were set on fire by the rioting students.

It was during this violent riot that the student was killed while many others were injured.

Speaking about the incident that led to the death of the students, Lawal Haruna, the Dean of Students Affairs of the University said, some students fought with the residents of a village after the university had asked the student to leave the campus.


‘’In the wake of the crisis, some students leaving in Sangere village that houses the majority of the students, engaged in fisticuff with the residents of the area during which one of the students was injured,” he said.

“The injured student was later taken to the university clinic for treatment and later transferred to a nearby hospital FMC in Yola, where he gave up the ghost.”

Student who committed the blasphemy said his phone was hacked

Meanwhile, Wanjez who allegedly made the blasphemous statement against prophet Muhammad has come out to deny the allegation.

Wanjez said his phone was hacked that he couldn’t have made a statement like that because he respects all religion.

He wrote this on Facebook:


Election, not blasphemy is the cause of the riot

While many blame the whole crisis that led to the death of a student on religion, others believe the students’ riot was triggered by the result of the SUG election recently held in the school.

A student, simply identified as Ceasar who spoke with Pulse about the riot said he does not believe the alleged blasphemy is the cause of the crisis that eventually led to the closure of the institution.

Ceasar who said he does not know the exact statement the Christian student allegedly made against Muhammad said the blasphemy claim is just a cover-up.

He added that the main cause of the crisis is not the blasphemy issue but the result of the Students Union Government election.


”The election somehow has religious undertone because one of the contestants is a Christian and the other is a Muslim and when the Christian student won the election the Muslim students began to protest saying they won’t accept the result of the election.

”Two years ago, the Muslim students’ candidate won the election. Last year again, the Muslim candidate won it. So, this time around, the Christian students decided to come out and vote because the Christian bodies and fellowships on campus campaigned that we should all come out and vote. And that is the cause of all the rioting”.

Soldiers and anti-riot policemen have, however, been deployed to the campus as the Nigeria Senate has reportedly ordered that the university be shut down till further notice.

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