What Should These 7 S*x Positions Be Called? – (Photos)

Have you ever looked at your lipstick color’s incredible name (*ahem* Fenty’s “Ma’ Damn”) and thought: Who gets the amazing job of naming these?

Okay, now what about s*x positions? Who picked “doggy style” and “cowgirl” and “missionary”? (Honestly, you’re failing compared to the lipstick people…)

Well, now it’s your turn to try your hand at naming sex positions. We present: seven not-so-conventional s*x positions I invite you to put your stamp on.

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Vote on what you think these moves should really be called. (Plus, there are some logistical pointers, in case you want to try one out yourself tonight.) Happy naming!

How to: To do this move, pretty much all you have to do is lay there. Have your partner enter you from missionary position, then slide his legs and chest off your body so his limbs form an “X” with yours. You can give a little butt massage while he thrusts or just kick back and enjoy the view.

How to: Have your partner lay off the edge of bed with shoulders and head on the floor and bottom half on the bed. You hop on top and swivel your hips, go up and down, or do whatever else feels good. Your partner will get a great view of you, while you’re 100 percent in charge.

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How to: Lie back, and have your partner sit facing you, with your legs crossing over each other. Your legs should form an X. Kick the intimacy—and penetration—up a notch by holding your partner’s hands as he thrusts.

How to: Have your partner get into position first, and then flip yourself upside down. It looks a little weird, but he can get super-deep this way. Just have your guy go easy on the thrusts so he doesn’t put too much pressure on your upper body.

How to: Get into downward dog, and have your partner grab your legs so you can wrap them around his waist. Given how, er, physically challenging this one is, you may only be able to do this for a little while, so consider starting out or ending with this move.

How to: Know that stability ball you bought ages ago for at-home workouts and never used? It’s time to bust it out! Have your partner sit and balance on the ball, and then sit on top. You’re in control and can make things faster or deeper, using the bounciness of the ball to make everything next-level.

How to: Get into missionary position, and then raise your legs and extend them straight out, forming a “V.” This helps your guy have good contact with your vulva, so you can get all kinds of added stimulation. BTW, if this is too much for your hamstrings, feel free to grab your ankles and bend your knees.

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