Relationship Talk With Bukky: The woman I love has abandoned me in the friend zone
Assistant boyfriend

From time to time I still tell her how I feel but she just blushes on WhatsApp and gives no reply.

Dear Bukky,

I have fallen in love for the first time but this has been so tough for me for some time now. I told this girl my feelings and made her understand how I felt and even told her everything about myself.

She immediately told me she was into a relationship and quickly friend-zoned me. She also started telling me everything about herself and behaved like just a normal, casual friend.

From time to time I still tell her how I feel but she just blushes on WhatsApp and gives no reply. She knows how I feel and I love her so much and don’t have any attraction for any girl else, please help me on what to do.
Dear reader,

Here is the thing I want you to know clearly – attention is a beautiful thing that deep down, everyone craves.

Being the center of attention and attraction is something many women can’t say no to, which probably explains why she keeps you around and blushes when you tell her about your interest on Whatsapp.

It is left to you to decide now if you want to wait in the wings for when the relationship breaks, if it ever does, or if you want to step out there and get one of the other numerous women who would be glad to have you at this very moment.

I think I’d rather do the latter than the former.
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