Weird facts About Pubic Hair You Never Knew

Weird facts about pubic hair you never knew

It’s important that we know what exactly is going on down there.

Pubic hair is a thing that we all have after going through puberty. Some people choose to remove it, other people just trim it, and some people like it to be completely smooth and hair-free down there.

All of these options are, of course, fine! It’s your body, you get to decide what goes on with it. Maybe you want to shave out some designs in you pubic hair. Don’t base what you do on somebody else’s choice. So below are some weird things that we think you should know about your hair down there.

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1. Meant to reduce friction during sex

There are a lot of reasons why pubic hair exists, and scientists believe that one of those reasons is to reduce friction during sex. Friction, as we are sure you know, can cause painful rashes while you’re getting it on. So, pubic hair might be a good thing if you don’t want to be in pain next time you do it!

2. Having Pubic Is More Hygienic Than Going Bare

Many think that it’s more hygienic to groom down there, but it’s actually the opposite — having pubes is more hygienic than not having them.

If you’re concerned about the hair holding onto odors or bacteria, just make sure to practice good hygiene.

The hair is an easy part to clean; it’s the labia and folds of skin that are more likely to hold onto odors and bacteria.

Just practice good hygiene habits and your pubic hair will stay pretty clean!

3. Can increase your risk of an STI

If you like to shave down there, then good for you! But you should know that there is evidence to suggest that shaving might increase your risk of a sexually transmitted infection. It sucks, but when you shave or wax down there, your skin gets very sensitive and you are more likely to contract an infection.

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4. Pubic hair is darker than your head hair

The hair down there has more melanin, which is a protein that makes your hair appear darker. As you get older, the melanin fades, which is why we go grey. So, eventually, you might have grey pubes.

5. Your Pubes Will Eventually Go Gray

Just like the hair on the rest of your body, your pubic hair will eventually turn gray.

What this means is that gray pubes are nothing to worry about — if they bother you, you can dye your pubic hair with a safe pubic hair dye.

6. Your Pubic Hair Can Thin Or Bald With Age

Like the hair on the rest of your body, your pubic hair can thin or bald as you get older.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some women will experience more severe thinning or balding because of menopause.

If you’re young and notice your pubic hair is thinning or balding, it might be because of a medication you’re on or a medical condition you have — this is something you should bring up with your doctor.

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7. Also helps prevents bacteria

In addition to reducing friction, pubic hair can also prevent nasty bacteria from getting into your vagina, which can cause infections. As we all know, those are not fun. Of course, removing your hair down there doesn’t guarantee that you will get an infection, but it’s something to think about!

8. Your Pube Habits Are Totally Up To You!

No matter what you read about pubic hair styles, what men want, or what’s popular, your pubic hair habits are entirely your choice!

Whether you want to remove everything or go full-bush, it’s totally up to you.

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